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Founded by two Audio Video industry veterans, Smart AV Innovations, LLC offers American Made products that will help you enjoy the beauty of your wall-mounted TV without the distraction of bulky mounts, ugly wires, rear-mounted accessories and harmful dust.

Ever since the first TV was sold, most people have tried to make the TV part of the décor. Before there were flat screen TV’s, the solution was simple. We used TV cabinets and wall units to conceal the array of cables and equipment. But today, we have big flat screen TVs, and most are wall mounted. The problem of hiding exposed wires, mounts and rear mounted accessories like cable boxes can be difficult and expensive. Most people do not want to install a $400+ wall cabinet or spend thousands on expensive, custom built-in solutions. Now, they don’t have to. SAVI™ covers are easy to install and easy on the wallet. Smart.

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